Donated breast milk
is safe for me to drink.

Breast milk is
easy to digest
in my tummy.

Breast milk is
natural and
natures best.

Breast milk gives me
antibodies to
fight infections.

Breast milk makes
me strong enough
to go home to my family.

Welcome to the Breast Milk for Babies website!

Breast Milk for Babies is a fundraising organization working to create a non-profit milk bank to be located in Minnesota. We have our 501(c) nonprofit status, and are recognized by HMBANA (Human Milk Banking Association of North America.) Our Board of Directors are volunteering their time to help make this come true, but they can not do it alone. We need your help! Please spread the word, “like” us on Facebook, and consider a financial donating — every amount helps us become closer to our goal.



The mission of Breast Milk for Babies is for pasteurized donor human breast milk to be available for premature and newborn babies with health challenges by establishing a non-profit human milk bank for Minnesota and the surrounding regions.


We are officially a 501(c) non-profit organization! This means that donations can be tax deductible.

We have become part of HMBANA (Human Milk Banking Association of North America), and entered a two year mentorship with a HMBANA-affiliated established milk bank. We are being mentored by the Mother’s Milk Bank of Iowa



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at We would be happy to hear from you!